Radical responsibility for self. . .

I’ve mentioned this a lot and what does it really mean?

When people hear it they automatically go to the place of blame. Taking responsibility for all they have done wrong or feel as though they could have done better.

This is part of it and gets to come from a place of curiosity and no judgment. Blame game never helps, especially of self.

The place we need to be careful with is taking on self-responsibility for others results. We are not responsible for the results and actions of others.

As a coach/mentor, there is a part of us along the journey that feels like they should take on the lack of results a client is having in the area that they feel they are serving them in.

For example, if your program is meant to create more leads, interaction, and being seen and the clients get all of these results but the number of enrollments did not go up then it becomes “your fault ” that people didnt join their program.

Lets be real. . .

You can not control others! Especially third party!

Their results, their decisions, their buying cycles, none of it.

What’s so interesting is when we feel we didn’t do “good enough” for the client, the client is usually ecstatic with the results that they know came from the work you did together.

Taking radical responsibility is for your own thoughts feelings actions and results. Not others.

Once you release this unrealistic expectation for yourself you will feel more freedom than you ever thought you could have!

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor