Dear Empowerful Woman,

For saying yes to you!
Betting on you!
Deciding you!

I love how excited you are for your future desires to come true and how you know you are worthy of them all! You are driven and know you can do this but feel scared, unclear, and doubtful at times.

That’s ok!
That’s normal!
I’m here for you!

I see the vision and will hold it for you until you get there. Once you get there we will raise the belief bar and go for even more. The only limits we have are the ones we put on ourselves.

You are limitless my friend!
You are enough!
You are amazing!

Everything you have gone through up till now has happened for you and its time to leave the past where it is because you can not change it! You have worries of the future have nots and what ifs and that my friend can not be controlled!

So live in the now!
Step into the vision you deserve!
Take action from there!

You won’t know the how or when but I will help you step into trust and belief that you can achieve what you desire. You have everything you need inside of you already that you need! I am here to help you read the label from inside the jar and make better decisions that serve your best life!

And guess what? It gets to be easy!!!

So get ready and be willing to receive all the abundance of joy, love, money, time, freedom and so much more that is coming your way!

Ready to take the ride?

Let’s do this!

Much love

Tiffany Heidle-Lanza