Sitting here with my 4 legged kids at our Virginia Beach campground again on this beautiful windy morning reflecting on the last three days of our lives. . .

Go big or go home they say. . . And we did both unexpectedly! 🤣🤣🤣

Moved our home from Virginia to NJ

Got married with our family and friends

Spent our wedding night in the hospital with our daughter and grandson after they got hit head on by a careless driver

Moved our home back to Virginia to help them get back home since the car was totaled

3 days of our lives. . .

What just hit me is that I get to. . .

Drop everything and help my family without having to ask for permission from anyone but me.

Clear my schedule and move my home wherever needed to support where needed.

Show up for my business just by being my authentic self while being fully engaged in the challenges of life.

All because about 5 years ago I got fired from my job and decided to bet on me and go for it. To create a business and life full of time and money freedom.

One decision. . . Many little actions taken since that decision.

What is one decision you want to make today that would help you take the many little actions that will create the Freedom life you desire?

Drop in the comments and claim what we want!!

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor

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