Ahhhhh! Sooo happy and fullfilled right now!
In my PJs for the night after an amazing 2 hour kick off call for my December pop up group on Monday nights.
The conversations,
The awareness,
The shares,
The vulnerability,
The support of each other,
The connection,
And it all happened in the first call!!!
This is the magic that feeds my soul!
This is what I’m meant to do!
This is the fire in my belly!
This is my mission!
Bringing entrepreneurial spirited humans together to connect, collaborate, inspire, grow, learn, feel safe, laugh, take intentional action, and become the badass leaders they are meant to be!
Something new is coming in 2023 thats next level in my brand and tonight solidified that!
And the psychic session I had right before the call might have also made quite an impression on whats to come! 😲🔮🧚‍♀️😍
Much love and good night all!
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor