Starting the second half of the year with a focus on taking care of my health. Making the time for the usuals, mammogram,.(todays fun adventure) colonoscopy, (next weeks fun adventure) blood work, eye doctor, dentist, etc.

This can be challenging being a full time traveling nomad and having self employed insurance. You never knew what the expense would be so we just didn’t do the things. And when I had to it was usually out of pocket.

One of the main reasons we are staying out here for a while is to have insurance through Mike’s new government job. Making this choice is a form of self care for us!

Self care is so much more than pedis and manis. Its what we are saying and thinking about ourselves. And when we value self we do what it takes to be proactive verses reactive when it come to our health.

So what are you doing for self care of you around your health for the second half of the year?

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor