Have you ever really listened to the story you are telling yourself?  Man. . .I have!

You can’t do that. . . . You aren’t good enough for that. . .  You are too big to be a health coach. . .You aren’t smart enough to do that. . .  You can’t make that kind of money. . . .You can’t afford that. . . .You need to lose weight to be pretty. . . You won’t find the true love you are you want. . . You are just the friend. . .  You are fine and don’t need any help. . . You and food can never be friends. . . You can’t be a healthy eater. . . You need to eat to feel love. . . You are fat and not as pretty as the skinny girls. . .You can’t have the body of your dreams. . You can’t be a million dollar earner. . . You don’t need big and expensive things. . .. . . . . . . .

Can you relate? Any of these hit home? Would you say any of these to someone you truly loved and cared for? When I asked my self that question I was like DUH NO I WOULDN’T!!

So why do we say it to ourselves? We all have at least two parts to us, some of us many more.  These parts help us move in two ways, either away from pain or towards pleasure.

The First part is the “play it safe” that protects us and wants to keep us safe. This part is trying to help us stay away from pain.  All the experiences we have had since being conceived, conscious or subconscious, have helped create the thoughts actions and behaviors this part has. Sounds like a bummer part right?

The Second part is the “risk taker”. The one who dreams! Has desires! Wants more for us!  This part that helps move us towards pleasure.  This part is the one that speaks from the gut and says go for it even when you you don’t know the what the outcome will be. Sounds like the more fun part right?

Well actually both parts are very important and contrary to popular belief they can work together!  We typically want to tell part one to shut up and go away but if we did that we would be denying who we are and the family lineage we are made from.  The brain knows the past and can only function on the known so it naturally will create actions thoughts and behaviors from that place of moving away from pain.  We are trained very young movement that is caused by getting away form pain and very rarely taught that way to move towards pleasure.

Since the brain can only work off of the known how can we get it to work off of the pleasure of the unknown?  Hmmmmm…. That is where vision boards, future forecasting, journaling about your desires and all the “WOO WOO CRAP” comes in!!  Yes if you told me a year and a half ago I would believe in that I used to consider the “woo woo crap” I would have laughed at you.  

When we can build a crystal clear vision of what we want and desire, I mean the true desires not the logical bullshit ones that hold us back from the true ones, the brain can then function on moving towards those visions because it knows the feelings you have when you have them.

How would it feel to have achieved the body of your dreams? What would you do with the money goal once you achieve it? What would it feel like to have the love of your life to grow old with?  When we tap into that, visualize that the things we say to ourselves totally change! We start to move towards pleasure instead of avoiding pain.

Let’s rewrite the story we are telling ourselves each day and make it one that drives us forward to pleasure!

You can do that!  You are good enough for that!  You are perfect to be a health coach!  You are smart enough to do that! You can make that kind of money!  You can afford that!  You are pretty just the way you are!  You will have true love you desire!  You are an amazing friend!  You are fully supported!  You and food are friends!  You can be a healthy eater!  You are loved!  Your body is beautiful!  You can have the body of your dreams! You can be a million dollar earner!  You desire and ship luxuriously!

Say those statements everyday and see what happens!

Much love

Coach Jackie