Such a great call with my mastermind ladies!!

Couple takeaways:

1. Are you reacting or responding to things in your life? There is a big difference!
Today I had to pause in my reaction to something and ask myself thia question and decide how i was going to respond. I asked myself “what would love do?” And it completely shifted my reaction to a loving response. Take all the ego out of it.

2. If we are the authority on something we do in our business do we have to never show vulnerability in that area?
It’s actually the opposite. We get to show the vulnerable stories that helped us get to where are in that authority and THAT is why they will want to work with us. They will relate to the human oart of us and want the authority part for themselves.

3. We have all done so much work to get to where we are now and we tend to speak from that place and forget where we were before we knew and shifted so much.

Go back to where you were and remember what it was like before and take that to the world in those words and let others feel themselves through your story and say “wow she gets me. I need more of her!”

4. Lastly celebrate the impact you make every day in every action you take by showing up in the world. You will NEVER know the full impact you are making on people so trust that you are and keep showing up!!

Oh and one client committed to a ME DAY!! So we will see selfies and photos from her ME DAY this week!

What does your ultimate day for self look like for you? Write that shit out and make it happen!

Much love all!
Coach Jackie
Freedom and Love Mentor