14 years my marriage was ending not realizing a whole new life was about to begin.

9 years ago I was heartbroken from a break up not realizing a few months later I would meet my forever relationship

6 years ago I lost trust in what I thought was love, not realizing its what I needed to one day truly receive and experience love

5 years ago I got fired and finally left the restaurant industry and now know that was one of the best days of my life

4 years ago I sold almost everything I own to eventually start a nomad life with my love and two fur babies

3 years ago we made the leap to live in our 44 foot box, run a virtual coaching business, and live our version of a freedom life

2 years ago we left a 5 month stay with the RV in Texas and saw some of the most magical sites like Mt Rushmore, Crazy Horse monument, Devils Tower, Badlands National Park, Glacier National Park, Yellowstone National Park, Pikes Peak, Garden of the Gods, and so much more.

1 year ago I ran my first Freedom and Adventure Retreat with 18 magical women and found a deeper layer of what I’m meant to be doing for others.

1 year ago in May I married my forever partner and we continue on the journey of this freedom life we are creating together.

The same night of our wedding began a year whirlwind of dark moments starting with my step daughter and grandson getting hit head on and rushed to the hospital.

Last 6 months I’ve experienced so much with my parents from dementia, to strokes, assisted livings, rehabs and trips across the country away from my love during all holidays.

Thank you Facebook for reminding me of all rhe moments that I share with the world, the good, bad, ugly, beautiful. . .all of it!

Now I get to keep going forward to be who I am meant to be, experience what I am meant to experience, and impact who I am meant to impact.

Take a moment today and get quiet and reflect.

Know that right now, in this moment, you are meant to be here so that you can go where you are meant to go.

Accepting where we are gives us the power to choose differently towards where we desire to go.
Accepting where we are releases the resistance to move forward so we can move forward.
Accepting where we are helps us give ourself permission to have the world we desire.

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Empowerment Mentor

PS Lets work together and create your version of your freedom life! Stop waiting to live the life of love and freedom you truly desire.