When I began this business in 2019 I started with my backyard of Northern Virginia and went to networking meetings whenever I could and met some of the most amazing women I have in my life today.

Viki Mutarelli was one of the first that I met and her ability to make you feel welcome and loved is undeniable.

Shortly after I discovered what a pillar in her community and what she valued was in line with what I valued. Beauty and Brains with Viki is where she expands her reach to give back to the community and help that community live cleaner everyday.

Its been an honor to serve you my friend and I’m beyond grateful for you and the value you bring to the world!

Thank you for this amazing testimony to what I value in what I do in this world for others! Love you lots my friend!


What can I say about Jackie and Jackie Cote Coaching, LLC?

Jackie is magnetic. Her energy, her vibe, her magic are contagious. She is a true partner to those who work with her.

Jackie is a friend, a coach and a force. She will have you looking at your business, your personal relationships, including your relationship to self (the most important one), in a whole new way.

Working with Jackie gave me the techniques to define priorities and achieve a better work/life balance all while reminding me that my vision for the future should be honored and can be achieved. Her down to earth personality and approach helped me discover a clearer awareness of who I truly am and the gifts I have to share with the world.

I am more confident and personally fulfilled in my life having worked with Jackie. I also attended her 1st Freedom and Adventure Retreat and I highly encourage any woman to join in on the next one!

I wholehearted recommend Jackie if you are done playing small and ready to up level in your life!