The power that is created when a group of women who are aligned get together is magnificent!!

Karen Rae has created an amazing community called FAVE. She asked us what is one thing we learned recently that we wanted to share.

Here are all the one-liners I took from their wisdom and wanted to share with you:

Has your brain got the memo yet?

God, show me how or take away the yearning.

Just ask! Ask for what you want from the Universe/God.

I am the most important person in my world and need to act like it!

I don’t do overwhelm or drama!

My light comes through my writing so share your story!

Trust. . .

It’s time to rewrite your old story.

Crack yourself open so you can see the light in you!

Reorganize your energy to support who you are becoming.

Your energy is your primary currency.

Are you willing to confront yourself so the world can benefit from your transformation?

What’s happening in intimate groups like this is what the world is yearning for!

Thank you ladies for being willing to go deeper on your journey so we can all grow together!!

Much love
Coach Jackie

PS If you want info about this amazing group message me or Karen!