I was 15 and started my first real job at the local NJ bakery and after a short period of time working they threw me the keys and said “You are going to run the night shifts!”. I was so excited, scared, and grateful that they saw in me something that I had no idea was there at such a young age.

They saw my leadership skills and ability to motivate others. I now know after 30 years of leadership management in the restaurant biz that it was kind of illegal to do that at 15. But hey it was Jersey in the 80s!! lol

From that moment my personal journey of freedom and leading others began. Every place I worked at they handed me the keys. From the trust that others had in me, I realized that I had a God given gift.

I have a natural ability to see what others can not see in themselves. I hold that gift of belief up for them until they get there and of course, I will raise the level even higher so they can truly be who they are meant to be!

While doing this for others, I travel the country and always find a way to live a life of freedom while making money doing it. After creating over 300 plus leaders in the restaurant biz I finally decided at 48 years old (5 years ago) that I was meant to do my own thing.

That was when I became your Freedom Empowerment Mentor and Jackie Cote Coaching was created.

Now I am a full time RV nomad with my husband and 2 pups living my life on my terms, doing what I want, when I want, whenever I want, without having to ask for permission from anyone, including myself!

It’s my mission to help as many of you Awaken, Empower and Own who you are unapologetically in this world and become the Freedom Creator you are meant to be.

Let’s chat and talk about what your vision of your freedom life looks like. Oh and it doesn’t have to be selling everything and living in an RV. lol

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Empowerment Mentor

Photo by Virginia Koontz Photography with Ginny Koontz DeLauder

My very first professional photographer from the Culpeper VA area, dear friend, sista from another mista, long term client and one of the best financial brains I know!