Some days are high vibe and you are crushing it! The list, the biz, self care, connections, all the things!
And. . .

Some days it takes every bit of energy to go from the bedroom to the bathroom to brush your teeth, make a cup of coffee, and sit back down to do nothing.

That’s how we get to function as women and it’s OK!

Honor that shit!!

We have cycles that men don’t.

The good news is that once we figure that out for self we get to honor and optimize the different time frames of our cycle.

If you’re like I used to be (and let’s be honest, sometimes still am) you probably beat yourself up for not being as productive as you “should” be.

Stop shoulding on yourself!!

The standard “I got it girl” gets as much shit done in 60 minutes of her high vibe times as super heroes do in a 2 hour movie!!

So when you start to evaluate yourself on the low vibe days and start to head down judgement lane, pause and think about what you accomplished last week when you were in super women vibes!

Then lean into the low energy, keep those pjs on, sip your mushroom coffee, go back into your black out bedroom and meditate, and lay with your dogs in front of the fireplace and be grateful for all your days you get to have no matter what energy you are in!

Cause being you girl is the most magical thing in the world!!

Happy Saturday all! ( even though I thought it was Sunday until about 12pm lol)

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Empowerment Mentor