The day started at 4am to head up to northern Virginia to see some friends for the next couple days.

Started with the moonlit dog walk, 3 hour drive that reminded me why I moved from NOVA 🤣, got blood drawn for some testing, mailed it off at a fed ex, then met up with my dear friend Nancy Morley Lear to catch up.

We went our favorite local coffee shop in Manassas where we first met and started this whole coaching journey together 4 years ago!

Now I get to crash at another dear friend Viki Mutarelli house for the next couple days. She is another beautiful soul I met at the very beginning of this coaching journey who welcomes me with open arms into her home and has always believed in me and my mission.

I’m beyond blessed and grateful for the relationships that I get to receive because of the journey I decided to take for myself.

When we do us first and always come back in alignment with what’s best for us magic happens for us and all around us!

Tonight I get to meet up with some of my best friends for dinner. Friends that helped me through those years of doubt and fear. They believed in me when I didn’t!

Surround yourself with people who serve who you are becoming. Supportive, loving, joyful, champions, fun and bring calm and peace to your journey.

And BE who you want to attract into your life!

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor and RV Adventurist