How does a powerful, driven, successful, badass woman stay humble?

She doesn’t!

The Empowerful Woman. . .

Refuses to lessen herself, quiet her voice or become less important to please society norms or generational stories.

Stands confidently in her gifts and shares them with the world so that others know its possible for them to do the same!

Owns her feminine power while getting shit done unapologetically so others can do the same!

Embodies what it means to love and be loved by others and herself so others know its safe to do the same!

Links arms with others so they can rise together and know that everyone belongs at the table.

Knows her worth is infinite and boldly takes action to fullfill her desires!

The Empowerful Woman is a Freedom Creator and A Destiny Maker for self and others.

I see YOU and you are Empowerful!

Much love
Coach Jackie

PS Be Empowerful 6 week program now open for enrollment for March. I run this once a year live. Drop interested below or PM me for the details.