As a coach/mentor to my clients I want to support them in all areas of life because I know now that it cant be just business focused.

Yes the strategy and learning how to is important but if we dont do the inner work and get support in areas behind the scenes like finance, health and wellness, communication and relationships, etc our business will suffer and won’t last long term.

The individual can create money and success but they won’t feel fulfilled and will asl the question like I have in the past. . . “Is that it? That didnt work. . . ”

But I gotta say its hard to invest in all the support you need in those areas and ensure that everyone you are working with is aligned with eachother so you get the best overall support.

There are tools and ways of being I teach that can support all areas of thinking and rewire belief systems. But there is only so much time and focus that can be given in each area as one support system.

November 2021 I had all of this support! Invested in 5 different coaches and loved what each had to offer.

Two things became a challenge.

1. They all didnt agree with what the other was teaching and thats ok but I started to get confused with myself and doubted my own inner knowing.

2. It got expensive! Lets be real! And hard to manage embracing all the parts of all the programs and I ended up not benefiting as much as I could have.

I have no regrets with my choices but what came with this learning was a strong desire to create a container where you had support of a team that was all aligned with each other and each had your interest at heart and not their agenda.

2 years later I have it!!

The Freedom Creators Mastermind

A container where 5 mentors in the areas of life that I needed support in, and me have come together and are ready to support you to awaken, empower and own you so you can become the Freedom Creator you desire to be!

So what is a Freedom Creator??

Its an ambitious professional woman who already created forms of success and money in her life doing what she thinks she “should” be doing but knows there is more to their next chapter but is afraid of losing what she has already created to go for her desires.

After working with me and this freedom life support team, she stops doing the shoulds and fully embraces what she is meant to be doing while creating an internal freedom to own her powerful self and creates even more success, love, time, money and freedom in her life!

The waitlist is open and if you decide now that you want in for January 2024 you get to jump right into my current mastermind community of self lead badass women for free till the end of the year!

And instead of investing in 6 coaches and tons of time, you get this program for one monthly investment or a discount for paying in full versus making 6 separate payments. And the intial pricing for kickoff is insane!

If you want more info PM me and we can chat.

This thing called life gets to easier than we think. We are not meant to do this alone! Trust me! I tried that method for 30 years and yeah. . . Doesnt work! Lol

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Empowerment Mentor