I’m sitting here on a Sunday morning doing my gratitude journal that I havent done in a while and it’s got me thinking deep my friends!!
I have my December pop up group starting tomorrow night and its called “You’re six figure business and beyond! It gets to be easy!”
I was looking at the graphic and reading the title and started to cry with joy and gratitude for all that I have been able to experience throughout my life and create in the now.
The little girl in the other picture who loved snoopy and stuffies so much (still love my stuffies! 🤣 no shame here!) had no idea what life would be like.
She had no idea…
❤️Her mom would pass just a few years later and how that would impact her life, in good and challenging ways.
❤️She would learn quickly how to take care of self and make decisions quickly no matter how scary it was.
❤️How she would have to navigate her world of emotions on her own and create her own survival mechanisms to survive and thrive.
❤️She would move multiple times while young creating the ability to adapt and meet new people easily throughout her life.
❤️That doing and experiencing constant change of location was feeding her natural live of the freedom life that she now lives fully and helps others do the same.
This pop up group is all about diving deep into what I did to create my first 6 figures in business and how its gets to be easy.
Whats the secret sauce to that?? YOU
💯I will help you tap into what makes you uniquely you and how to bring that to world through intentional actions right now that feels aligned to you.
💯I will help you see the fear and do it anyway no matter what because there is no other way to be.
💯I will teach you how crucial the ability to trust and surrender is in the creation of your freedom life.
Yes there will be strategy, actions steps, tangible things to do… and we will do them!
There will be changing beliefs, stories rewritten and new ways of thinking that will you will take forward beyond the program to build your freedom life aligned with you.
Whenever you have a moment that you are feeling that you…
aren’t far enough in life,
not good enough yet,
need to do better or more,
Find a pic of your younger self to remind yourself how much that little one has done and far you have come!
You’re a total badass!
Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor
PS still time to jump in! Pm me if you want the deets. Starts 7pm est monday night. Recordings are available.