The quality of our thoughts is everything!

As I sit here a week before my first retreat and a month away from my wedding, and so much more on my plate, I’m finding my thoughts all over the place.

Worried about getting it all done, if it will be good enough, will it all be ok and frozen in non action.

I’m aware. . . That’s the first step to change.

I’m curious without judgment. . . The second step.

I think about my desired vision of the outcome. . . The third step.

I decide what I want to think that is forward focused, loving and supports the desire. . .The fourth step.

I take those thoughts and make them mine and let the others flow by. . .The fifth step.

Today I am observing that I am in avoidance of doing what I need to do from a place of possible fear, doubt, and the unknown.

When we “procrastinate” it’s a safety mechanism that is preventing us from doing what we fear might fail, hurt or not feel so good.

That’s a thought. . .

A thought that is created by the brain to protect us.

That thought doesn’t have to be true.

It’s only true if we decide it is.

So what do I want to be true today?

I am a powerhouse business builder who is meant to serve people to have the freedom life they desire!

I will show up today as that woman who knows she is fully supported and who owns her magic in the world!

And the one you all know so well from me. . .

Everything works out for me, for you, for all in my world!

What thoughts are you having this morning that might not be serving your best self? The self you desire to be?

Freedom is created in our lives when we can manage our thoughts. Thoughts create our reality.

When people ask me as their coach what the work is. . .this is it.

Thought work
Belief work
Identity work

The inner work which is 80% while strategy is 20%.

This is what we do together with my work. I help you think different so you can have a different life moving forward that you truly desire.

Drop me a hell yeah or a pm if you’re ready for the life of freedom you desire!

Much love
Coach Jackie ❤️
Your Freedom Empowerment Mentor