Wow what an incredible day of experiences in nature!

Started with a tour of the Tulum ruins and learned about how they believed in the equality of women and men early on.

There was a cliff view at this location that I swear had been in my visions from meditations before!

Then we went to a cenote cave that was just beautiful to swim in and hang out with the bats.

After that, we went snorkelling and swam with some gorgeous fishies!

From there we ended with lunch on the beach that just didn’t feel real it was so pretty.

Our guide Gina was just the cutest and our driver Eduardo kept us safe and sound all day.

Love creating experiences with Mike that we get to keep in our hearts together forever.

Don’t let life go by without doing things that bring you joy each day.

Joy can be found right in front of you right now if you decide it to be!

Much love
Jackie and Mike