The Self Lead Woman. . . .

She is successful in her own right
She is driven for more fulfillment
She is a visionary for her world
She knows the how already

The Self Lead Woman. . .

She desires community of other like minded women
She creates and calls in high vibe energy
She craves deep core Why
She has purpose in where she is going
She sees vulnerability as strength

The Self Lead Woman. . .

She is a catalyst for change
She supports her fellow badass woman
She inspires others by being her
She is magnetic and attracts all she desires
She is a Freedom Seeker and a Destiny Maker

We will cry together
We will laugh together
We will celebrate together
We will collaborate together
We will create together
We will show up for each other together
We will walk together this journey called life to each level of the mountain we are meant to climb!

Are you ready to leave the parts of you that aren’t serving the future version of you that you desire behind?
Are you ready to Awaken, Empower and Own the you that is meant for even more greatness?
Are you ready to be the Freedom Seeker and Destiny Maker you are destined to be?

If its a HELL YES keep reading. . . .If not it’s OK!

The simplicity of this magical container:

Weekly calls, voxer or FB messenger group support, collaboration, massive growth, forever connections, magical moments, breakthroughs, huge celebrations and so much more.


Must show up for self and be committed to you and the process. Trust what is happening is best for all. Willingness to be vulnerable and receive the feelings and emotions that arise. Absolute respect for everyone’s privacy. Be kind and spread that everywhere.

Lastly must have fun!!

Let’s walk together on this journey and continue to create the Freedom life you desire that is filled with more love, joy, fun, amazement, and abundance that ever imagined!

It’s time to live in complete possibility!

Much love
Coach Jackie