“The unknown is where all outcomes are possible. . . Enter it with grace” my Tazo Tea bag wisdom. 🤣❤️🤗

Are you looking back?

At the known?

The safe?

To make your decisions?

We tend to get addicted to the known. Even if it’s not the best thing for us. 🤦‍♀️

Our brain feels safe doing what we know and feels like it’s being chased by a lion going for the unknown. 🦁

But everything we have done to date was unknown at one time. 🤔

Look at the unknown as all your future possibilities!🥳

What is something you are afraid to go for because it’s unknown right now? 👇👇👇

New business?
Getting clients?
Dating again?
Being single?
Moving into an RV? 😜

We stop ourselves based on past fears we can’t change and future worries we can’t control. 😢😡😮

What if you based your decisions on your future desires and vision from a done place? Yes they are unknown but way more fun! 🤗🙌💯

We get to step into what we desire from a done place in the now before we achieve it so we can step into it with ease and grace. ❤

Let me help you do this! You are not meant to do this alone. Trust me in this one! 🙌

Much love
Coach Jackie ❤
Your Freedom Mentor and RV Adventurist
Picture 📸 from women’s retreat at Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia