During my 30 years of doing the same industry the voice inside my head was say things like . . .

“This is it. . .it is what it is. . . guess I just need to keep moving up and that will make me happy. . . ”

But you see there was always this other voice saying to me. . .

“Is this really it. . .I know there is more. . . What else can I do. . . I am so meant to be on my own in biz!!”

Which voice(s) do you relate to?
Which one is louder?
Which one draws you in?
Which one scares the shit out of you?

For the first 25 years the voice of stay safe and keep promoting was the louder one.

Which was ok because I was having fun! I was enjoying the mentoring and coaching I was able to do for others! I was experiencing different things all the time.

But something changed the last 3-5 years. I started to hear this other voice louder. . . .

The one telling me NO to the next promotion.
Telling me to try something different.
The one telling me to take a risk.
The one telling me it’s time.
But I am mid 40s???
Was I crazy to reinvent myself???
Do something I have never done???
Do the unsafe thing that could end badly???


It was all the things and I wouldn’t change a moment of the journey.

👉The selling of my house to reduce my bills
👉Moving to the country where I knew no one and near nothing
👉Using all of my savings to support the bills while I made NO money
👉Racking up the credit card debt to pay for the coaching I needed
👉Dipping into stock I had for decades to pay for the debt
👉Going a year without making a real income
👉Being more dependent on my partner support
👉Getting a million No answers to working with me
👉Feeling lost and confused in how to do this thing I was creating
👉Not trusting I was good enough to do it
👉Fearing I would have to go back and get a job
👉Losing the time freedom I had finally tasted

Through all of that I had such a strong why to have my time, money, location, adventure, and love freedoms that no matter what above situation I wasn’t going to stop!

Now I GET TO help others do the same!!
You GET TO do and have what you want!
You GET TO reinvent yourself!
You GET TO have more adventure in your life!
You GET TO have the freedoms you desire!

If I can do it at 47 anyone can!!! TRUST ME! and TRUST YOU!

How bad do you want it?
How important are your desires to you?
How long are you willing to wait?

You can not do it alone! That was a hard one for me to accept.

Make the decision to bet on you!

I am here to support you through all the things above and reinvent yourself and step into that next version of you that has the Freedom and Adventure you desire!!

I have 2 1:1 VIP coaching spots available and opening enrollment for my exclusive mastermind for September enrollment.

PM me ASAP and stop waiting! The risk is only as hard as you make it! I’m here to tell it it’s worth every bit of it!

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor and RV Adventurist