The excitement I am feeling right now because I get to see one of my favorite humans, Kenni-Richelle King in person for brunch because we are in Colorado with the RV! And I get to meet some new ladies and make new amazing connections in person!!

The decision to come here was crystal clear when I made it! Then things started happening that didn’t feel great or part of how I visioned it.

Sound familiar?

Double the expenses to stay here with minimal options.

Struggles getting Mike’s work up and running the first week here so no cash flow there.

Still don’t have a place booked for 15 days of our time in CO.

Internet not the best in a populated area.


I’m near so many people who I can see on person.

The weather is phenomenal and I can work outside on my porch.

The airport is close and convenient and cheap to fly to my events.

And so much more!

My life is filled with so many decisions that need to be made everyday.

Logistical, physical, emotional, financial, spiritual, mental, time sensitive, rapid, in the moment, long term life changing decisions.

I sometimes wonder how I stay sane through them all! 🤪🤪🤪

What helps me cut through the doubt, fear, and indecisiveness is the plain fact that there are no wrong decisions.

I truly believe everything is happening for me and each decision has its purpose for my life.

So I decide, lean in, trust and surrender.

What if you truly believed that there were no wrong decisions?

How would that help you take action in the day to day?

What could be possible for your future if you made more decisions in life?

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor