There are three places we can choose to live in….

The past stories and crap that we can’t change but tend to want to relive

The future worries of what we don’t want to happen filled with pain, anxiety, and worry.

Or my favorite place….

Our future desires of what we want to happen from an “it’s already done state” filled with love, joy, and fun.

Even though the third place is so much more fun we don’t naturally go there.

We have been programmed that one and two are automatic defaults.

Why is this?

Because it’s what we are familiar with through generational survival mechanisms of the brain to do risk analysis to avoid pain. That’s it’s job.


During one of my client sessions yesterday it was fascinating to see no matter what, they felt safer to stay in the life like future worry scenario that they had created that was so real to them that they were feeling emotions and bodily functions like it already happened.

Crying, anxiety, fear, stress, disbelief in self, nauseous, exhaustion, etc.

The story they were living in their head was believed to be true even though the evidence had not appeared yet to make it fact.

Sooo if our brain is that powerful to create the worries scenario to be absolutely true that we feel it in our bones……
It’s possible to do the same for our desires!!

Letting the brain stand in certainty that the things you desire are done and true and you can feel it in your bones that it’s done without needing physical evidence.

Which place would you rather live?

1. Crying, anxiety, fear, stress, disbelief in self, nauseous, exhaustion, etc state of being?

2. Joy, love, excitement, peace, fun, calm etc state of being?

I choose 2!

And when I find myself slipping into what is familiar, in 1, I ask myself “is that true?” And it never is unless I choose it to be true. Then I choose different.

You are powerful and the only thing you have control over is your mind which creates the thoughts that you get to choose, which creates the feeling you will have, which creates the actions and results you will see in your current

All of this stem from your beliefs and identity.

Decide to change those and you will change your current 3D reality to what you want it to be.


If you have read this far and feel ready for support on making this change (cause I sure neededv the support and still do) click the link in the comments to book a free vision call with me to get this started.

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor