Ahhhh so excited to fill this container up with other self lead powerful women who are ready to be the Freedom Creators and Destiny Makers of their lives so they can impact others around them the way they have always meant to be!

They are ready to. . .

Awaken the women you have always know you could be and let her unapologetically show up in the world.

Step away from the “shoulds” that have kept them safe and living a predictable life without purpose or passion.

Be fully supported on the journey by their personal freedom support team and be willing to receive this support without guilt or shame.

Own their magic and show up in the world bolder than ever so that others can be inspired to do the same.

They get to do this. . . .

At an investment that helps them create abundance that you get to keep and invest in other dreams and goals.

Safely in a private community of other self lead powerful women who have the same fears and doubts together.

On their time schedule and choose what fits them and their needs along the way.

Bravely, courageously, and swiftly make decisions towards their next level with absolute certainty they will be ok no matter what.

I’m here with you, by your side, until you are ready to fly!

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Empowerment Mentor

Join this year and lock in 2023 rates of 777 a month for as long as you choose, before it goes up to 1111 a month. Pay in full gets you 1 or 2 free months depending on contract.

Want more deets about the container watch the live video in the previous post on my wall. Or message me and we can chat!