Ok ok I know I promised to disconnect fully but I can’t go by this day without wishing my amazing man the best 53rd year ever!

Yesterday we swam with the dolphins and these pics reminded me how much he is loved!!

All my fb memories are about you and all the memories we have spent the last 9 years together.

Some hard times and even more amazing ones that I can’t imagine life without!

This year especially we have supported each other at our highest levels through family stuff, financial stuff, and even got married!

You truly are the only man who would willingly go on this crazy journey with me filled with constant day-to-day change!

I love you more and more each day for the man you are, the man you are becoming, the man who dreams big, the man who loves hard, the man who lets me love him fully.

This is your day, babe!! Happy birthday! Love you mostestest!