Does it seem impossible to give up control and allow other people to really see you enough to help you?

What people don’t really understand about you is the why you could never give up control. . . .because you don’t feel safe.

You weren’t protected as a child.

You had to fend for yourself.

And now that you have control of making yourself feel safe, you can’t just give that up.

You’re in control….

Control of the input and output of love, joy and connection in your life.

What you allow yourself to receive and return is limited.

It’s safer this way.. .

People leave
Love ends
Joy is limited

So if you maintain control you won’t experience these things like you did as a child so often.

Control is your protection mechanism.

What does this look like?

Choosing people to be with who you know won’t stay.

Living a surface life and never letting any relationship. . . romantic, friendship, or even family get too close.

Only trusting yourself and never letting yourself be supported on any level by another person.

You become fiercely independent and successful at the work you do and living a life of “success”.

But you feel empty and alone and its not working anymore.

You are a personal development junky. Doing all the things. And yet still keeping it safe. Keeping people, feelings, love and joy at an arms distance.

I lived this for 40 years so I get it!

I was the “I got it girl!”

The “I got it girl” is the woman who stays in control of it “all” by doing it all herself to stay safe from from feeling out of control!

3 years ago at the age of 47 I finally let myself feel. . .I mean truly feel for the first time and feel safe sharing feelings with another person.

I let myself release control and cross that safety line that I had created and trusted another human to support me and hold space for me.

Since that moment I have learned, and now teach how to empower yourself and trust that love, joy, and people are safe and stick around.

In my Awaken, Empower and Own you 1:1 process you will no longer feel the need to hold on so tightly to the control.

You will feel empowered to trust and receive the love and joy you desire and know that its here to stay.

If you desire the freedom to be held and supported without feeling like you have lost control message me about my signature 1:1 process.

Let’s get you to a life of true love and joy while feeling safe and free to be you doing it!

Much love
Jackie ❤️❤️❤️
Your Freedom Empowerment Mentor