This pic is from 7 years ago when Michael J. Morris and I took 3 of his kids on our first trip together as a couple and family to Virginia Beach to go tent camping.

9 months into our relationship and he takes me in the middle of a hurricane to go tent camping! Lol

We set up camp in the pouring rain storm and the 5 of us went to bed drenched and woke up to the most beautiful weather with damage to every campsite around us but ours.

Trees down on cabins and cars, tents blown apart and branches everywhere but we were safe and sound and intact.

As much as we all thought he was crazy to push through the storm and stay vs turning around and giving up. . .we were so grateful for the following days filled with campfires, barf in a bag breakfast, beaches and sunshine.

I knew even more that weekend that this man was going to be part of my life for a long time.

Since then we have had 7 years of adventure, ups and downs and love that has grown more everyday.

Today I am reflecting on the opportunity for us to create a life with the work we do that helps people we love, doing what we love, and living a life we love.

Today we all get to celebrate the opportunites to work and build what this country has to offer for all to provide for our freedom lives.

We get to choose amazing careers or build businesses or whatever works for you and your family because of celebrations like today.

Take a moment and refect on what you are grateful for and value most about the work you do in the world!

If you feel like there is more to create and fullfill and you’re not sure how to get there lets talk!

Its my privilege and honor to get to serve you all in whatever way I’m meant to as I build the mentorship business of my dreams.

And thank you Mike Morris for not giving up that day 7 years ago and always having my back on this freedom journey we have been creating each and everyday for us and the world around us!

Much love all! Hope you enjoyed your labor day!
Coach Jackie
Freedom Empowerment Mentor