Storytelling September

Time freedom and work schedules…

Many of us go into entrepreneurship to have more time freedom.

What happens is we carry over our employee mentality or a “I must kill myself to be successful” story with us and then lose the ability to have time freedom!

Its important to remember that we are fully responsible for the time we have based on the thoughts and decisions we have made.

Hear my story in this video on how I shifted from the job mentality to a freedom of time entrepreneur mentality.
Change your thoughts, change your life!

Time freedom is your right and is absolutely possible in whatever you choose to do.

This will be part of my October program “Get out of your head and into ACTION!”

$333 and includes a pre and post 1:1 call with me (1111 value) as a bonus if enrollled before sunday midnight!

Have a friend to do it with? Only $555 for both of you!!

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor and RV Adventurist