Started the day with waking the path along the water right behind us that led Kristin Gallagher , Jen Ingram and I to a delicious breakfast!

Then did some yoga with the amazing Jackie Rowan and my retreat sisters.

Did our first The Power of HER Retreat sessiom with Kenni-Richelle King and ended with some powerful and vulnerable stuff!

All of us stood for eachother in our vulnerability and supported each other in strength.

Dana McCartney , Shawna Rasch , Tiffany Heidle-Lanza , Leticia Téllez Herrera , Kristina Kelley Sumpter , Kathy Kirkland Watson , Rachel ‘Bonner’ Williams Tavia Morse-Salvadalena Alicia Darr Tate

Ended the first half of the day with a delicious lunch and now time to go too the pool/jacuzzi to relax.

Retreats one of the ways I serve my clients and is because I invest in one’s for me first. This gives me the self power and love to be able to do what I do for others.

When we do for self first the rest of the world gets to stand in the light we shine so they can shine their own!

If you’re ready to invest in you and fill your cup and fully own who you are join me at my next Freedom and Adventure Retreat in Tennessee or Montana! PM me for details.


Much love

Coach Jackie

Your Freedom Empowerment Mentor