It’s time to have an abundance mindset!!

How do you do that?

Celebrate money flowing to you from any direction and flowing out to supporting the life you get to live!

Appreciate everything!

From the $1 you found on the ground,
To the gift of $10 someone gave you,
To the money you got for a car you were selling,
To the money a client pays you for your services,
To the $2 your savings account grew last year!

What you appreciate appreciates! What you focus on grows!

Now tell the God/Universe you are ready to receive and believe that your desires are meant for you!

Lastly do the work!

Get out of your head and into action!

Reprogram the story you are telling yourself!

That you are broke,
Making money is hard,
Money doesn’t grow on trees,
Money is bad,
Money doesn’t stick around or support you,
You’re just supposed to be poor. . . .

It’s all lies based on the past.
You get to decide to pick a different story!
You are meant for wealth. . .God says so!

Much love
Coach Jackie

PS If you would like to see how I can help you reprogram your money story, get out of your head and into action, message me and we can do a complimentary first session to get you moving forward!