I love my eyes!

I take time each day to look in the mirror and find what I love about myself today.

Today I noticed my eyes.

After this past 2 months with my dad I’ve noticed so much more beauty about this body I was given.

Not remotely the healing and awakening aha I expected to leave with being my dads dementia caretaker.

Why do I love myself more than I did 2 months ago?

I didnt know that for 50 years. . .

I yearned for solo time with my dad that I never got.
I yearned to hear from my dad that he loved me
I yearned to feel beautiful in my dads eyes.

I didnt know this was what had been holding me back from truly loving and appreciating me and my body and my power as a woman!

We try to ignore the fact that we desire this from the ones who created us.
We try to ignore the fact that it impacts our relationships and our ability to be intimate with others
We try to ignore the fact that the hole in us that is created by this desire can hold us back from all greatness that is meant for us.

Work with me and we will do the work to Awaken the awareness in you that will help you see what you couldnt see before.

Work with me and we will do the work to Empower the knowing and decide you are worthy of true love of self so you can experience true love from others.

Work with me and we will do the work that will make you Own you so fully that you will walk around naked in a room of strangers and own you fully!!

When you work 1:1 with me we go there.

Yes you will have to do the work and it won’t be easy but it will be worth it.
Yes you will still have chaos in life but you will experience peace at the same time.
Yes you will feel alone but you never will be because you have me and my mastermind community to talk side my side with you no matter what.

Message me for how to get started on your journey to Awaken, Empower and Own you unapologetically in the world!

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Empowerment Mentor