Trust and surrender. . . .

Today is the day that I am officially re-opening my Destiny Makers membership.

November last year I had a very emotional decision to close it but I knew I needed to for reasons not fully known.

Right after I made that decision I had to take the next 5 months to care for my folks on the east coast and my capacity was limited.

God has a plan and he knew I needed to be free of as much as possible to be able to do what I needed to do for them.

Ever since that day that I closed it something has been nagging at me. An inner knowing that it needed to come back in some way.

But I was torn. Worried about needing bigger ticket sales so I could pay the bills. Low ticket is a long game build and I knew that.

I did what I “should” do and marketed a new mastemrind and 1:1 coaching. Both amazing container that I love. But nothing would click. No one was buying.

Money was half of what I usually made in a month and I started to feel fear around this.

During this time I truly, more than ever before, had to lean into trust that God and my husband had my back.

I had to let go of the control I have always held so tightly to and trust and surrender and let my husband support me.

I had lean into love and know that I am always supported and God has a plan.

I had to trust that everything was happening for me to grow, learn, and become the leader snd mentor I am today for others.

What came from all of this was the deepest, loving and supportive relationship I have ever had because I let go of control and let him be the man he has always wanted to be for me.

What came from this was my ability to feel safe and supported inside no matter what the external circumstances of money look like.

What came from this a stonger confidence in self from slowing down and truly listening to my intuition and following it no matter how unconventional it may be.

Like Eckhart Tolle says below. . .

Everything we need is already inside of us. The answers you seek are within you. You are the goal. Your are the answer!

My mission is to help women awaken empower and own this right here.

To trust self.
To love self.
To own self.

Being in my world is for you if you are a women who desires the freedom to be you and love a life of peace and love no matter what the chaos that is happening around you.

And don’t let the low monthly investment for the Destiny Makers Membership fool you.
It will change your life!

Come join us in a Women’s Freedom Movement!!

Much love to all that have joined so far and I’m excited for who is next!

Let’s do this!

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor