Trust. . . My 2022 word of the year.

I’ve been reflecting this morning on how this word has guided me throughout the year.

How have I trusted more in me and my higher power?

🙏Whenever I got worried about the outcome I stopped and reminded myself that what I desire is already done and the path is already created. . . .So Trust.
🙏When I felt those money fears around investing in my business, travel for both personal and business, experiences for my freedom life, and future endeavors I stopped and reminded myself I am fully supported and what I invest for my desires comes back to me 10x. . . So Trust.
🙏 Whenever I doubted myself and the process I reminded myself that all I need is already in me and to always come back to me and align with what feels best for me. . .So Trust.

Along the way I would see signs to remind me to trust. Tea bags, signs on walls, angel numbers everywhere, people placed in my life, videos and books crossing my path and so much more. The pics below are two examples of this.

Today give thanks to the unknown blessings that are on the way to you!
Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed!
How can you Trust more today and moving forward?

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor and RV Adventurist