Decide December. . . Decide its going to be a great day and ask for what you want to experience.

This is something I have had to be very intentional about with my dad while here.

I know I cant control another human but what I can control is my energy.

Trust me I know it can be hard!

Especially when you feel like you are on high alert all the time cause you just dont know what you’re gonna get.

Try this each day. . .

1. Wake up and tell self “I love you, you are safe, and its gonna be a great day!”
2. Describe to yourself what a good day feels like, peaceful, calm, joyful, neutral, you decide.
3. Breathe deep in, hold, and out at least 3 times.
4. Say yes and thank you God multiple times.

Repeat step 3 and 4 as many times necessary to bring yourself back to what you decided your day will be like.

Even when the surprise moments happen you can always being your energy back to atleast neutral. Then higher if you desire.

Much love
Coach Jackie
The duality of my faces! Lol