We all wear many hats in our everyday lives.

Some we love and some not so much.

Im curious. . . .

What hats do you wear now in your life?


What hats do you want to wear less or get rid of?


What news hats would you like to start wearing?

I mean we all need some new fun, playful, sassy hats!

You get to choose what hats you will wear.

No one else determines that for you unless you let them.

Trust the hats that feel right to you.

Trust the letting go of the hats that no longer fit.

Trust the hats you desire to wear are meant for you.

Much love
Coach Jackie

PS Fun pics from my Freedom and Adventure Retreat last week. They had me put on all the different pieces I wore for my photo shoot at the same time. Lol

Montana still has some spots left! June 2024. PM me for the details.