Sometimes we forget the people who have our back and treat them like they don’t.

It’s those people who will call you out on your behaviors to bring you back to what’s real. Their support and love for you.

We do this to those we love and love us because we know they will love us through it most of the time.

But if we lose sight for too long they will walk away. . .

Take a moment and recognize your behavior and the true reason you reacted the way you did.

Come from a place of curiosity and no judgement of self. Judgment accomplishes nothing.

Learn from it, talk to the ones that have your back about it and learn how to be different next time.

Thank you to the ones who support me even when I want to deny that you do!

It’s easier to think we are all alone doing this thing called life!! Lol

We are not meant to do this journey alone!

So don’t!

Find your people.
Trust your people.
Love your people.

Much love
Coach Jackie