We create our experience in our current reality. . . easy, hard, stressful, peaceful, fun, etc

What could have been stressful and hard with family, travel, and moving turned into easy and fun because I decided it would be.

My moment to moment mantra is “Everything works out for me and for all around me”.

Starting my Sunday relaxing in my RV recliner with a cup of tea, my favorite blanket, and one of my pups who wants some love after us being gone for a week. The other one is outside on the porch making sure she knows everything that is going on outside. 🤣🤣🤣

We just got back last night from a week of family time in NJ (that I already bombarded you with pictures from 😍) and a last minute decision of 24 hours of moving a storage unit from our old neighborhood in Virginia to the area where his kids are in Virginia Beach.

I could have packed the whole move into one day but instead I got us a hotel room on the water in the area where the unit was near Lake Anna VA and after packing the u haul we stopped at our favorite mexican place for our favorite meals. Honestly in all our travels this place, Sabor A Mexico in Mineral VA is the best Mexican and cheap! (Ill drop the info in the comments)

Then we drive the next morning the last three hours, dropped off donations to the DVA, unpacked the truck, and went to our favorite steak house, Longhorn, and had all our favorites, and was home by 5pm. Dogs walked, unpacked, did laundry, and watched a movie and slept peacefully in our own bed a full 8 hours.

Life is what I decide to make it. This time I chose easy, fun, and peaceful.

I have that power. We all do.

Yes sometimes I decide to make it hard. That’s on me. I have that power. We all do.

I choose love, joy, peace, fun and easy as often as let my human do so. And in those moments where I stray the other way, I don’t stay long.

It’s just not as much fun as the latter!

Today what will you choose? 🤔😁😍

You have the power!
Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor and RV Adventurist