We get to feel. . .

And a big FUCK YOU!!

And when you do… what do you do?

I see it, acknowledge it, start to feel it but then decide to feel differently.

I love myself into gratitude and it’s all good thoughts.

Sounds amazing and helpful right?? I mean it’s what I teach others to do!

IT’S NOT… and here is why…

Since I was little, 7ish, I learned that it was a burden to others and no one had time for me if I showed those feelings… so I didn’t.

This created the happy Jackie, I’m ok, I got it girl, my whole life.

That girl stuffed those emotions down with food and released them through bulimia which became the survival mechanism that helped her survive for over 3 decades.

Avoiding the anger, immediately redirecting it so I don’t truly feel it, and denying myself the ability to sit in it and be ok and feel safe to actually feel it became the way of being for me.

I would relate feeling to being in victim mode and I sure as hell am not a victim!

So when did letting ourselves FEEL and be HUMAN become wrong??

Now that’s some bullshit and give a big ol FUCK YOU finger to that line of thinking.

If you can relate I’m here to let you know… you’re fucking human too!

So feel that shit for as long as you need to so you know you are ok to feel it, let it out, and let it go.

If we don’t it shows up in other ways in our world like disease physically and emotionally that doesn’t serve our best self.

So my action item and yours for that is to find a way to let it all out!

My fellow badass ladies in my personal coach’s session today came up with the following list for me to choose from…

Smash therapy
Axing some wood
Lifting heavy weights
Burning thoughts on paper
Cutting a pillow to shreds
Screaming so loud that you hurt

Which would you choose? Or do you have one you already do?

If we let ourselves be human and feel safe to be in the anger, fear, pissed off-ness… We get to exciting the next level of life on the other side.

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor

FYI- No animals or humans were or will be hurt in the process of release.