The foundation to all of our desires
The creator of an abundant life
The energy that supports love and life

Sometimes we get so busy in the shoulds, the what ifs, and the I need to thoughts that we forget to see what is right in front of us that we get to be grateful for.

And it’s free to do!
We just have to choose to do it!

I’m so grateful for my husband Michael J. Morris today!
I’m grateful for my partner in crime for all of these crazy travel experiences that we are doing.
I’m grateful for the support through tough times financially, physically, and emotionally for almost 8 years.
I’m grateful for the little things like surprise bouquet of flowers and making a campfire to cook our dinner on.
I’m grateful how he takes care of our fur babies and how they love him.

There is so much to be grateful in life in the day-to-day that we sometimes don’t notice because we are just going through the motions unconsciously.

Take a moment today and slow down.

Look around you and be aware of what is right there.

What little things are you grateful for?

Drop yours in the comments below and let’s blow this feed up with gratitude!!

Much love
Coach Jackie