We miss them already!!

As they fly home tonight I am going through all the picture moments and feel so blessed to have them visit and in our lives.

Swimming at the hot springs
Gondola ride to the mountain
Toured two caves at the top of the mountain
Girls trip horseback riding
Snowy visit to Breckenridge and Vail
Daily walks of the pups together by the river
Hike around Sylvan lake state park

And lots and lots of hugs, kisses, play time, and love!!

I’m also grateful for the business I’ve built so I can take the five days off to be with them and take 2 calls and both ended up in acquiring 2 new clients!

This is what happens when we are in a joy and love state. It’s easy to attract amazing ladies who are ready to live life from this place just like me.

I’m beyond excited to start working with both of these beautiful souls so they can walk away from the hussle way of life and move into the ease and grace at of being if love the freedom life they will create!

Much love all!!
Jackie and Mike