Ever look up and be surrounded by people and feel so alone?

That was me many times in my part restaurant career. Crazy amounts of people every day and yet minimal true connections were made.

People used to tell me that being in business for yourself can be lonely—especially for solo entrepreneurs.

Not in my world!

I have made connections with so many amazing souls that fill my heart daily.

I’m surrounded by self-led women who desire to have the same freedoms in life I desire.

We walk together to help each other create that freedom and love the journey along the way.

The vibe in my Destiny Makers membership is welcoming, loving, supportive, growing, abundant, powerful, straight up, funny, sassy, badass, freedom-seeking, and destiny-making!!

If that sounds like who you want to be around for 2023 while we all take over the world PM me or give me a Hell Yeah below!!

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor and RV Adventurist