What an amazing time I had in my monthly manifesting workshop!!

These women came to speak fully into what their desires are for the next 12 months and we were all celebrating April 2025 in a big way! And with each other!!

Month Ireland trips

#1 books and on NY city jumbotrons

Tiny home villages created

Huge businesses supporting tweens and their parents

Speaking all over the country and internationally

Life long dreams of owning thier first hom achieved

Teams being built that is changing lives

7 figure incomes created

And so much more!!

The energy that comes from these sessions fill our cups beyond comprehension! It expands whats possible! It changes the way we all think about what we are creating!

The best part is I have been so busy this month traveling that I forgot to post and email about the meeting until 2 days ago and I had double the amount of people show up! (more came after I took the pic)

Let this be proof that there is no magical number of times to post or time frame or whatever you have been told to do when it come to marketing.

The magic is in your energy, belief and the consistency of showing up for yourself and your people. This consistency gets to look like you want it to be for you.

I do this every month on the 4th Thursday at 4pm est and over time this will build and grow because I am committed and excited about it.

Thank you ladies for showing up for you and each other! See you all next month to celebrate May 2025!!

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor