I posted this 4 years ago at the beginning of my journey after working one month with a 1:1 coach.

I remember this day so clearly.

The crying
The feeling
The releasing

This is the power of having a 1:1 coach that you feel safe to go there with. Then it’s up to you to let yourself feel, cry, release, forgive, all the things!

It was hard at that time to invest when I had no money coming in and no idea how it was going to.

But I knew in my gut I had to so I could be where I am today. This was the beginning of my awakening, empowering, and owning me!

Worth every dollar and more!

You are worthy of the investment in you so that you can breakthrough and create the life of freedom you truly desire and deserve!


What are the limited beliefs that are holding you back from achieving your goals and dreams?

What is the earliest memory of having that limiting belief?

Mine was 7 years old but probably even earlier I just can’t remember much as a child.

I have always had the belief that life must be a STRUGGLE! It has to be hard to get things, achieve things, and just do things!

I also believed that people won’t be around long so get used to being ALONE.

Lastly I believed the main way to get people to be in your life was around FOOD. So needless to say food became my comfort and bff for many years!

Figure out the age you were and go back and tell that child version of you a positive version of these beliefs and rewire the brain.

I went back and told the 7 year old version of me that “life is easy, smooth and challenges are meaningful to me” and the “you are loved and people do stay around because they love you”

This was an emotional session with my coach and I felt a lot of feelings that I hadn’t ever done.

FEEL DAMMIT! Give yourself permission to feel and honor them.

If you can relate to any of this drop me a thumbs up or a comment of what hits home!

Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor