What did you decide you wanted to call in for 2023?

What is that vision?

Can you see the vision?
Can you feel the vision?
Can you hear the vision?

When you have the vision and it’s done. . .

What will it feel like?
What will you hear around you?
What will you see around you?

I can feel the healthy body I have right now. . .
I can see the smiles on my face and the ones around me as I enjoy the best version of me. . .
I can hear the positive things I am saying to myself. . .

How can I see hear and feel this now even though I’m not quite there physically yet??

I can because I have a new IDENTITY for myself, which has given me new BELIEFS in myself and has now created new HABITS and BEHAVIORS which I joyfully do without fighting with myself over them.

How important is your vision for 2023? Or for the rest of your life? Or for just the next 90 days?

Part of my magic is helping others see their magic and the vision they get to create with their magic!

To do things you never thought possible is my specialty!

Message me and let’s expand that vision of possibility!

Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor and RV Adventurist

📸 Mike overlooking Glacier National Park in Montana.