What do you see… when you see you?
In the mirror

In the picture

In the window

Do you see your beauty?

Do you see your magic?

Do you see your strength?


Do you see your size?

Do you see your judgements?

Do you see imperfections?

Out of all the pictures that were this is rhe one the ladies said was “the one”.

The one that represented me the best.

My sass

My joy

My freedom

My beauty

I almost didnt post this pic because of what I saw when I looked at it.

What if we all saw ourselves through the eyes of others that love us?

We would live such magnificent free lives!!

So today I choose that!

I choose what they see!

You get to choose what I see in you!

Much love all!
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor
PS if you want to be surrounded by women like this and help you see what we see you PM me!