What does June 2025 look like for you?

What goals and desires do you want to see come into fruition?

Tonight’s DM membership call we shared 2 of ours with each other then spoke about them from a done place!

Retreats in Ireland
Full groups of clients with waiting lists
A monthly biz income to replace the jobs
Debt free on cards and more freedom to travel
Best selling books- coffee table photography books, poem books, personal memoires
New memberships launched and current ones filling up with magical souls
Best version of health inside and out

And my personal favorite is the fully loving self just as we are through our thoughts, the way we speak to ourselves, our beliefs about self and the way we tale care of self.

The energy after doing this exercise together is through the roof and just inspires me to keep serving the way I am meant to serve!

I love the ladies that have chosen FREEDOM by joining this group with me.

This membership isn’t your business strategy group. Will it impact your biz? Absolutely!!

This group is created for you to feel free to be you and show up in ways that support where you are going and the freedom destiny you are creating.

To see life through the freedom lens!
To embrace that childlike way of being when we were fearless and filled with imagination!
To own your personal magic and be the freedom creator you have always been meant to be on this earth!

Who wants to join my Women’s Freedom Movement?

I promise you one thing. . . It will be the most fun you have even had in a coaching container!

And you will 100% guaranteed will feel FREE more than you have ever felt to just BE YOU!!

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor

This pic is what Jackie’s life as a fairy would look like! Hehe

This is from 2 of my members that met up in another state to meet each other and took this pic in the fairy garden cause it made them think of me! Love my ladies!!