What is a “health” journey about for you?

Weight loss?
Fit clothes better?
To be a certain size?
Less pain?
Clear brain?
Better skin?
Lower blood pressure?
Improve cholesterol?

Everyone has a reason and a point of disgust in how they feel with any one of these or all of them and they decide to make a change.

This has been yo yo journey for me like many and a couple weeks ago I had my aha, epiphany, I can see the light, wtf moment!! (Scroll back and read the post about Food is just Fuel)

After becoming aware of all the meanings and stories I had attached to food I decided in that moment to rewrite the story.

The past stories were abusing my body. . .

My heart.
My joints.
My brain function.
My relationship.
My business.
My moods.
My sanity.

My man got me an air fryer and a fit bit for Christmas (as well as that beautiful engagement ring😍❤️😍) and I’ve been curiously wearing it every day.

Yes it tracks steps but I’ve been more intrigued about the sleep score and the resting heart rate.

I said to Mike the first few days that my resting heart rate has always been high and that’s just me so it’s ok. Hmmmmm….story I had been telling myself? 🤔🤔🤔

In 3 weeks of eating clean and walking 2 miles a day with the pups, I’ve decreased my rating heart rate by 7 beats!!! HOLY SHIT!!

How cool is that??

My heart rate wasn’t on the list above! Not a normal thing to look at when starting a health journey!!

By being kind and loving to myself my heart can beat easier. . .

Less struggle.
Less stress.
Less work.

Isn’t this true for everything in life?

When we are kind to ourselves and love everything about us and own who we are fully….

Life becomes easier.
Life becomes fun.
Life becomes love.

Now I’m excited to help my heart work less and play more!! 🙌💯❤️😍

How about you?

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor