Starting my day with my pups and my celebration journal with the cool breeze coming into the RV.

What is my celebration journal?

It’s celebrating my and my clients’ future desires from an already-done place.

For example I’ll talk about my 5 new 1:1 clients and all the wins they are having, what I’m feeling experiencing this with them, and what I’m creating along the way as well.

These wins haven’t shown up yet in their current reality but they have to be clear in our imagination before they can fall into our current reality.

When I started this journey of building my business I did this at least once a month and whenever I went back to read them everything I wrote down happened at some point.

We can’t control the when and the how things will happen. And when we try to control that is when things stop happening.

An example of this control is when we worry or get anxiety over things that aren’t happening yet we are creating a blocking energy.

Worry and anxiety is something we choose to do. It’s not something we have. They are a choice.

What we can control is creating what we desire, deciding it is true, feeling it from a done place, enjoying the front end process and surrendering control over the results.

I’m having soooo much fun experiencing all the fun my clients and I are having in my future reality!!

Let’s have some fun and share one thing (or more if you want) below that you are celebrating that is done that hasn’t technically showed up in your current reality.

Much love
Coach Jackie
Your Freedom Mentor

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