What is your WHY?
If you have been in the self development world for any period of time you have most likely been asked this question to answer by some mentor of yours.
Its so important to remember your why on this journey of personal growth and entrepreneurship to help keep you grounded and focused when life gets crazy!!
Sometimes we can’t figure out our why and when asked it can be frustrating and shameful that we dont know it!
Lets be real. . . .its ever changing in our 3D world!
I started with never wanting to go back to a job ever again.
So I built a business and have maintained it for almost 5 years now and never looked back.
Then it went to building my freedom life so i could do what I want, when I want without having to ask for permission from anyone.
So my man and I bought an RV and a truck and decided to sell everything and go full time 3 years ago and never looked back.
After that it became being able to do for others like family, friends, and clients without having to say no due to time or money issues.
So this year I was able to completely disconnect and fly back east and care for my parents over the last 5 months and never looked back.
You see it shifts and there might be more than one, but what you will notice is a theme amongst them that ties them all together.
Freedom has been my theme of my WHY and it actually shows throughout my life since high school. Its always been at the core of who I am and what I shine for the world to see.
Lately I have added to my title the word LOVE. Im your Freedom and Love Mentor. Why?
Because Love is the core to it all!
To love self from the inside out and own every bit of you right now in this very moment unapologetically.
And when we get to this place of love within is when we can truly love life no matter what the external circumstances are and help impact others at our highest energetic place.
This is my WHY now. To let myself Love and be Loved and help others embody the same so we can all live our life from this awakened, empowered and trusting place of self love.
The money will come
The relationships will come
The travel will come
The community will come
The love will come
When we decide that our WHY is really all about OURSELF!
Much love
Coach Jackie
Freedom and Love Mentor
PS thanks Suzy Wraines for this awesome sweatshirt that inspired this post!