What would love do?

Love gives you the courage to walk away when things or people are no longer right for you.
Love gives you the strength to put yourself first before others so you can be the best version of you.
Love helps you trust that everything is happening for you in exactly the time its meant to.

Love shows you the blessings in everything that is coming to you and aroud you.

Love is the foundation to all the goodness that you desire and is ready to flow to you.

God and Universe is waiting for you to step fully into love of self and trust they have your back!

Ask for what you want, then let go of what you think you have control over in this life and dive deep into trust and love and get ready and willing to receive all you desire!

Much love
Coach Jackie

Got this tattoo a couple years ago and now its becoming the foundation of my personal journey book that I am currently writing. Everything happens for a reason!